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Mier’s Harlow dress check them out! Mier official


what’s going on ?



So how’s your life, world ? I am really sorry for the late late post updating on my life for these 6 months (time sure does flies so fast). Recap on these 6 months: work, eat, sleep, meet, holiday and work. Hey, a girl’s gotta work to get what she wants, right?

My travelogs:

  1. Madura Island, Bukit Jeddih

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2. Bali




3. Jakarta

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I am not that great with this blogging skills, very rustic so bear with this weird photographs positions. I’ll learn with it along the way, I need more practices to be perfect. In the mean time, stay healthy, be good with people, and travel a lot




Spring: floral attack and laid-back vibe


Once in a while I wore a few floral pattern… If I do. I do it big.

IMG_3839IMG_3836 IMG_3842

A friend of mine made it possible with combining colors and flowers to welcoming the Spring season. Loving every clothes from her.

Skirt: Etoile Aporter 

Along side with floral patterns, I am very much obsessed with the new H&M Studio SS15 collection. I did manage to get what I wanted but sadly missed out on the unique hat.

It reminded me of the sun-kissed life in Miami beach. Sun breezes, tanned skin and laid-back clothes that are very suitable for Spring season.





I am still cannot get over my Japan trip last year. It was amazing yet tiring and adventerous! It was the second time I went there but this time to multiple cities. I don’t know but there is something interesting about Japan: their language, fashion, cities and cultures. I had the chance to catch falling snows at the very first day of this year so I hope for the very best of luck for this year!


One of my savior for this trip was my Nike Roshe Run shoes ( thank you Nike! you’re the best!!) The most comfortable shoes that I have ever bought. It was worth every penny. I had to walk nearly 2/3 of the day without rest and it was brutal. Waking up at 6am literally every day and had to walk every day. I didn’t get the chance to wear my long boots because I was too attached with the Roshe.

My only resolution for this year is to travel a lot!! and have a healthy life 🙂

IMG_3422 IMG_3423IMG_3515 IMG_3522 IMG_3529

it’s the most wonderful time


For the last two years, I have celebrated christmas in the States and London. It was very very different compared to Indonesia. The weather, decorations, ambiences and most of all…the music.

Once again, I fell in love with Christmas songs. Whether it was from the 50s or 2014. Along with it, I’ve found some that touches my heart this year.

1. Idina Menzel feat. Michael Bublè – Baby, It’s Cold Outside

2. Sam Smith – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

3. Michael Bublè – All I Want For Christmas is You

Along with these songs, there are some outfit ideas for Christmas.


Paired your ears with festive earrings. Pop-up colors that brighten your smile.

Avagvsta – Julia Vaughn

Ek Thongprasert


Green and red..need I say more?

Blouse: Hope by Inez A.

Shoes: Burberry

Jewelry: Avgvsta – Julia Vaughn and Floralpunk

IMG_2785 IMG_2786

Pattern pants with a clean-cut blouse to compliment each other.

Blouse: Duma official 

Pants: zara

Shoes: Chloe

Have a merry Christmas and memorable holiday season to you all. Hope that we can have a brand new chapter in 2015. Onto many more adventure together 🙂


The beauty products


I am a very lazy person and doesn’t have a lot of make-ups and skincare but I want to share some of my favorite products that I have always wear everyday :D.

Along the years, I am very practical on taking care of my skin. I’ve just used cleansing soap for around 4 years and changed a few times. My complex skin (somewhat dry and normal) is very sensitive. So, I sticked to Shiseido at the moment and the result is amazing.


Morning Rituals

1. Shiseido Skincare Cleansing Foam

2. Shiseido Skincare Hydro-balancing softener

2. Dior Hydra Life Pro-youth Sorbet Creme: This one, is an investment for sure. It served as a daily moisturizer to hydrate your skin all day long. It is not sticky and very light.

3. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer Sunscreen SPF 30: The lesson that I learned is to apply sunscreen everyday after your moisturizer. It avoid any spots from the sun and some said it avoid any wrinkles.

4. Eau Thermale Avène: My new favorite product, a water mist to hydrate skin. Since I am currently living in a tropic city (humid and hot weather), I use it daily before going out or to bed.



1. L’Occitane Firming and Smoothing Milk Concentrate

2. The Body Shop’s Body Butter

3. The Body Shop’s Wild Argan Oil for body & Hair

Night Rituals:

1. Shiseido Skincare Cleaning foam

2. Shiseido Skincare Hydro-balancing softener

3. Shiseido Skincare Night Moisture Recharge


4. Shiseido Ibuki Refining Moisturizer



I am a person that always buy another bottle of perfume if the old one is empty so I only have two bottles right now.

1. Miss Dior Blooming Beauty

2. Elizabeth and James Nirvana

That’s all that I have right but I am going to add some more of products. Any suggestions and what’s your beauty secrets?

The other segment: The other rising star


Last year, I’ve covered a story on H&M Design Award (on my tumblr) 2013 that introduced the world to Minju Kim (yes, the unique collection that I thought fit perfectly to Susie Bubble). This year, I went on deeper research and watched the whole process online. From the finalist to the judging and the winner!.

This year, Eddy Anemian won the prize with his brilliant fabric deconstruction on flowers and the concept of spring. It was over-the-top (in a good way), big volume and elegance. Could you imagine on how will H&M make it to the consumer? His designs were amazing as if he can make his own clothing line. Afraid not, because H&M made the leap.

I was surprised that they decide to go with his original design which in a way a good move. The layering was amazing and maintained the patterns that he wanted. I didn’t have a brave soul to buy his exquisite pieces but, again Susie Bubble did an amazing photos with them.

Well, I did buy his sweatshirt and long white flare pants (I DID GUYS! back to Dilemma of petite girl post) that I thought is a risk in fashion.



The other world in fashion


Photo on 11-17-14 at 12.53 PM copy

I have been home for a month and I am missing my life in the US. One of the most important thing that I miss is online shopping as much as I can. Any stores that you know, you can purchase it online with free shipping and refunds. I didn’t have any clue when Indonesia starts to pick up the pace in the fashion tech industry. As a matter of fact, I found several sites that permanently excited on the local brands here in Indonesia.

Lately, the only stores that I have visited are local indie brands that has similar qualities to well-known brands such as Zara, Topshop and other brands. Along with it, *drumroll* the access to online shipping that I adore which is a huge plus for my case (living in the second city not Jakarta).

Allow me to introduce my favorite online brand from Indonesia for anyone who loves to shop. Whether you are living in Indonesia or abroad.

Shop At Velvet

The first site that I have regularly visit. A must-go site for those who loves simply silhouette with a twist, a modern classic pieces that are very versatile to wear. A casual day-out or a semi-formal party.

They went sold-out very fast! and I have to admit, their website is very professional and easy to access.

Favorite pieces: Serpent Signature Tie-Front Top, Voyage Tie-Front Top, Cararra marble blouse, Jun Handkerchief top, Petra Skirts.

Photo on 11-17-14 at 12.52 PM #4


Voyage Tie-Front Top in Navy

  • Paired it with sheer skirt or skinny jeans.  Photo on 11-17-14 at 12.59 PM #5 Photo on 11-17-14 at 12.59 PM #4 Photo on 11-17-14 at 12.59 PM Photo on 11-17-14 at 12.53 PM copy Photo on 11-17-14 at 12.53 PM Photo on 11-17-14 at 12.52 PM #4 Photo on 11-17-14 at 1.00 PM
  •  Serpent Tie-front top in off white
  • Paired with Self Portrait’s textured lace skirt